About Us

We are an online company based in the United Kingdom dedicated to providing high quality beauty products from Asia alongside a selection of lovely gift ideas that you can surprise your loved ones with. We want our customers to fall in love with beauty, whether you are new to the beauty industry and are just embarking on your new beauty journey, or you are a seasoned beauty junkie we have the perfect products for you. We want to provide the opportunity for our customers to get their hands on authentic Asian beauty products in the UK. We realise that it can be difficult for some to easily access these beautiful products and therefore want to ensure that we can make our items readily available to easily ship to international regions. We deliver time and again to our customers and provide high quality products that have visible and successful results. Everything that is described in advertising is the real deal and all ingredients and instructions are transparent and simple to follow.

We have over 20 years’ worth of experience in online trading including the giants Ebay and Amazon. Therefore, we are a slick organised company and are used to working to remove the need for long waiting times for items to be shipped and delivered. And can remove the possible customs charges that may have previously applied to you in other purchases you have made when importing. We want to provide a service that is hassle free for you whilst you are online shopping. Our aim is to provide our customers with high quality, value and the simplicity of products being delivered right to your door. We are elated to offer quality brands and products for affordable prices, each item is carefully selected and tested by our experienced team. Within the array of beautiful products, we are confident our customers will be able to find beauty and gift idea items that are exactly what they envisioned.

Minako Online are a customer service orientated and experienced company that have high knowledge within the beauty sector. Therefore, we promise our customers only the best products that we know they will love and get the most use out of. We also keenly prioritise our customers and are happy to keep in contact if there are any queries or issues with items. Your happiness and feeling listened to is immensely important and regard feedback and customer reviews highly as this is how we can keep providing top quality customer service and products to our customers. Our team pledge their support from the start till the end of the shopping process to ensure you have had an enjoyable experience up until you have finished using the product.