Debunking the Kojie San QR Code Myth: Unraveling the Inaccuracies Surrounding Product Authentication


In September 2022, an article circulating in the USA and Canada made bold claims about Kojie San products, asserting that each item comes adorned with a unique sticker housing a scannable QR code for the purpose of verifying authenticity. However, upon closer examination, it becomes evident that this information is far from accurate.

Despite the widespread false information, not all Kojie San products are equipped with a scannable QR code. While product authentication measures are indeed in place, the alleged universal inclusion of QR codes on every item is simply not the case.

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The article in question also recommends the use of a specific app to scan these purported QR codes. This app, however, has raised eyebrows among users, garnering a lackluster rating of 2.8 stars. Delving into the user reviews reveals a majority of dissatisfied customers awarding it a mere 1 star. This rating speaks volumes about the app’s reliability and functionality,    raising concerns about its efficacy in accurately verifying the authenticity of Kojie San products.

It is crucial to emphasize that the use of a particular app and its associated rating does not apply universally across the industry. Companies can and often do implement their own authentication methods, which may or may not involve QR codes. Drawing broad conclusions based on the experience with one app could lead to unwarranted skepticism about other companies’ verification processes.

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In the midst of these misconceptions, it is imperative to highlight the credibility of established companies. We are a registered UK-based entity with over two decades of trading experience. As a company registered in the UK, we are dedicated to upholding legal and business standards in the United Kingdom.



Consumers should exercise caution when encountering sensational claims about product authentication methods. Relying on misinformation can lead to unnecessary doubt and skepticism, potentially harming the reputation of reputable companies in the process. Instead, individuals should seek accurate information directly from the company or trusted sources to ensure they are well-informed about the products they purchase.

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In summary, the claim about widespread QR codes on Kojie San products, as mentioned in the misleading September 2022 article, is untrue.

To promote consumer awareness, it’s important to clarify these misconceptions and advocate for a discerning approach to product information.

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