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Everybody out there is searching for something and we know you are, too. Maybe the reason why you’re viewing this blog right now is because you’re holding out hope that what we’re talking about will be the answer to your long and dreadful search, trying product after product that doesn’t live up to its promised results. Maybe we can tell you that one product that will finally satisfy your skin whitening desire. Well, we’re sorry to disappoint you. We can’t tell you what that one product is, because we’re talking about two!

Today, we’re going to talk about the skin whitening power duo: Silka Whitening Herbal Papaya Soap and Silka Skin Whitening Papaya Lotion. Depending on where you are, you may or may not have heard about these two products already. If not these two specific products, you may have seen an ad online about papaya whitening soaps or lotions and did not give it a second glance. The skepticism caused by a string of purchased failures kept you from giving it any consideration. But let me tell you this: these two Silka products fit the bill and will not disappoint.

Silka SoapSilka Papaya Whitening Soap

The Silka Papaya Whitening Soap finds its roots in the Philippines. This is known in the country to cleanse, nourish and whiten your skin for that younger, smoother and more radiant complexion. Using this soap daily – it is intended for everyday use – will let you experience a natural yet highly effective way of whitening your skin and enjoy its fruity fragrance that guarantees all-day freshness. Enriched with papain, the enzyme in papayas that slough away dead skin cells and blended with Vitamin E that promotes suppleness and softness of skin, this papaya whitening soap manufactured by Silka provides an all-in-one solution to your skin problems. Being recognized as the 2005 Consumer’s Choice Annual Awards for Most Outstanding Papaya Soap Brand is a testament to the excellence Silka Papaya Soap has to offer. 

Who can use it?

Individuals of any age and sex can use this. This product could prove useful for anyone with sun-damaged skin from staying exposed outside for long hours, people with dark shades and uneven skin tone, and those who have lost their youthful glow. This skin whitening soap can revert the symptoms of aging, solve all those mentioned skim concerns, and many more.

What’s in it?

Its main ingredients are papaya extract and multivitamins. In addition to that, it contains glycerin, vegetable oils, water, and natural fragrance. All of its components are natural and combined scientifically under the supervision of this field’s experts. As such, the product does not possess side effects.

What are its benefits?

When used regularly, Silka’s Papaya Whitening Soap can aid the improvement of your skin’s condition by making it lighter and smoother. It penetrates into the skin, deeply cleansing it, washing out dirt, oil, and toxic substances from the skin, and removing dead skin cells leaving it nourished, lustrous and rejuvenated. Apart from that, it decreases the development of melanin which causes dark spots. It also repairs and replenishes damaged skin, preventing the increase of fine lines and wrinkles. These are but some of its innumerable benefits.

How do I use it?

It is recommended by dermatologists to wash your skin with warm water prior to application of this soap as warm water helps in opening up the pores, making it vulnerable to the ingredients thus allowing it to penetrate the skin deeply. After applying it on the skin, rinse thoroughly with lukewarm water.

Silka Papaya Orange Lotion 500ml Large


Silka Papaya Whitening Lotion

The Silka Papaya line also features this whitening lotion which is the best companion to the soap we talked above. There is no need to add more information here as it shares basically the same characteristics and components as the soap. The only thing you should remember about this product is that it complements the soap excellently, but can do wonders for your skin on its own as well.



Where do I buy these products?

Silka Papaya products can be bought at Minako Online for very affordable prices. Go ahead and grab them for yourself by clicking on the products below

~ Nat Sanico

Silka Papaya Orange Lotion 500ml Large Silka Soap